Streets & Drainage

Street Repair

The City of Oak Point maintains a network of paved roads, many of which were initially constructed years ago - some well before the City was incorporated. The voters of Oak Point approved a street maintenance tax in May 2006 and the voters elected to continue the tax in May 2010. The street maintenance tax is a 1/4% sales tax, not a property tax. These funds are dedicated exclusively for street maintenance and help with the expense of repairing potholes and other minor repairs.

Report a Pothole or Area of Disrepair

To report a pothole or area of disrepair, please contact Public Works at 972-294-2312, ext. 112 or email Public Works Operations. Public Works will then evaluate the damage. Depending upon the condition of the road, the repair may be made within approximately one week or added to a list that will be repaired as part of a larger project or contract. Repairs may take longer during colder or wet months as the roadway conditions must be suitable to allow the repair to hold.


The City of Oak Point is actively working to resolve some of the drainage issues within the Crescent Oaks subdivision. In mid 2010, the City’s Public Works Department reshaped some of the bar ditches along the east side of Maverick Trail. Crews have also replaced some of the culvert ends along the eastern half of Torero Trail and Lamp Post Lane and replaced some of the driveway culverts in the same general areas. The work is intended to remedy some of the more severe drainage problems in these immediate areas. With the work now complete, the City will monitor the impact of the improvements and evaluate the need for any additional improvements.

Flood Protection

The City of Oak Point has adopted a number of flood prevention regulations to help prevent flood damage and drainage problems. Property owners that wish to fill, grade or re-grade, or dredge their property must first obtain a development permit from the City by demonstrating their full compliance with the regulations.

Right-of-Way (ROW) Management

Any person seeking to place a facility on, in or over the public rights-of-way, shall first file an application for a permit with the City and shall abide by the City's regulations pertaining to use of the public rights-of-way. Download the Right-of-Way Permit Application (PDF) and the Right-of-Way Regulations (PDF).

Exposed Drainage Pipes Running Under a Road