Oak Point Corridor Plan

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Plan Overview

Developed by Catalyst Commercial, Inc. in conjunction with Halff Associates, Inc., the Oak Point Corridor Plan is a document that combines stakeholder feedback, data, and visuals to provide a context for current and future development in Oak Point. Specifically, this document serves as a framework for future development along the main FM 720/Oak Grove Parkway corridor. This thoroughfare receives over 34,000 vehicles a day and serves a trade area of more than 93,000 that is expected to reach over 123,000 in the next 4 years.

The City of Oak Point is dedicated to ensuring that this portion of the City becomes a hub for residents and visitors alike while still staying true to the country atmosphere that makes the City a unique gem of DFW. 

1-11-23 Workshop

Vision Statement

The Oak Point Corridor Plan will help the City create a new economic engine and regional destination with a variety of uses and livable neighborhoods that will support quality living.

Guiding Principles

  • Community
  • Connection
  • Preservation
  • Balanced Growth
  • Collaboration
  • Prosperity

A Message from Mayor Meek

To residents, property owners, and future interested parties: 

This Oak Point Corridor Plan will assist the City and Economic Development Corporation in guiding development within Oak Point. It has been said, “Control your own destiny or someone else will.” That is a true and accurate statement driving the importance of developing this Corridor Plan for Oak Point. If we are not proactive, we will not attract the type of retail commercial businesses that the residents desire. 

This plan was created through a robust public engagement process that included residents, developers, and landowners to craft a vision that aligns with Oak Point’s unique core values. Ultimately, this plan will serve as a policy document to ensure that future development is high-quality and protects Oak Point’s quality of life in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner.

 We are fortunate to have a plan that creates a unified vision that balances economic development and growth in a context-sensitive way. The recommendations in this report will be carefully implemented to ensure that Oak Point maintains its unique rural feel while enabling quality development that the city desires. 

Oak Point is a beautiful place to live. Our quality of life and place is beyond compare. It is critical that we maintain the character and culture of our remarkable city for future residents and generations to come.


Dena Meek, Mayor